Create an Effective Communications Plan

Que sea una empresa multinacional o un club de fútbol, se necesita un plan de comunicación efectiva.

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Inside the MLS’s strategy to become the ‘sport of the North America’

28 December 2018 08:07 ET Up until recently, there were four sports considered to be mainstream in America. These were football, baseball, basketball and hockey. Now, in some parts of the country, I woul dare say hockey doesn’t resonate with the populace, and they would have replied the fourth sport is NASCAR. As the French […]

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United Soccer League Overview

Brand Identity Corporate Structure and Ownership The legal entity that operates the United Soccer League is known as United Soccer, Leagues, LLC. The league offices are at 1715 North Westshore Boulevard, Suite 825, Tampa, Florida 33607. The United Soccer League is owned by NuRock Soccer Holdings, LLC, a Georgia Limited Liability Company with its principal […]