De Siervo Appointed To Lead Serie A

Miami, 2 Jan. 2019, by Kenneth Russo

Italian Football League Lega Serie A has appointed Italian executive Luigi De Siervo as it’s new CEO, after a vote of members of the league’s general assembly on Thursday, December 20, 2018.  De Siervo received 15 votes out of a possible 20. He will succeed Marco Brunelli, who in turn has been named as the new Director General of the Federazione Italiana di Gioco di Calcio (FIGC).

Gabriele Gravina, President of the FIGC, stated: “I am convinced he is the right person to help actualise the reforms we have started implementing. His curriculum and profound knowledge of professional football will create an extraordinary bridge to strengthen the rapport between FIGC and Lega Serie A.”. 

De Siervo transitions to Serie A having served in the same capacity with Infront Italy, a sports marketing company headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. Infront is involved with the distribution of media rights, sponsorship, media production, event operation and digital solutions, with 39 offices in 14 countries. He is also a former CEO of RAI Com SpA, a subsidiary of the Italian broadcaster RAI.

De Siervo will be focussed on closing the gap in revenues between Serie A and the top two European leagues, the Premier League and La Liga. He has stated that Serie A will look “to internationalize” and an integral part of his work will involve reducing piracy.  “The biggest problem in Italian football is piracy,” De Siervo told reporters after his election.  “So far, there has been too much tolerance in Italy. We need to look to the practices used by France and England, so those who break the law must be pursued. The industrial system of content, whether cinematographic, musical or sporting, cannot be the business of organised crime. The system has to be remunerative.”

Interview with new Serie A CEO Luigi De Siervo on December 20, 2018..

By Ken Russo

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