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Budweiser Announces Global “Be A King” Campaign With Sponsorship of La Liga and Premier League

New activations in more than 20 countries.

Budweiser, known as “The King of Beers,” will roll out its new campaign “Be A King” as part of these new sponsorship agreements.

Miami, Fla. (Tuesday, July 30, 2019) –

Budweiser, an international brand of Anheuser-Busch InBev, (“AB InBev”) announced last week a multiyear agreement to be a sponsor of both La Liga and the Premier League. This new sponsorship agreement will make Budweiser the official beer of the two top leagues in the world and will see activations across five continents and in more than 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, China, South Africa, India, Chile and Nigeria. Fans will be brought closer to the players they follow through a series of unique programs around the world. It The two league sponsorship will be the company’s biggest-ever integrated marketing campaign.

Separately, on July 7, 2019, Budweiser also announced a sponsorship deal with the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

The new sponsorship assets include 30-second video ads for both the Premier League and La Liga that feature on-pitch action intercut with Budweiser product shots to emphasise the slogan: “Beer of Kings.”

It had been rumoured since last November that Budweiser was looking to strike a deal with the Premier League. Now, they will replace Carling as the league’s official beer partner. Meanwhile, in Spain, Budweiser’s new sponsorship cannot be activated just yet, as La Liga is contractually bound for one more season with it current deal with domestic beer brand Mahou Cinco Estrellas.

Mahou Cinco Estrellas has one more season as official beer of La Liga.

The rights in the two deals are broadly similar. Under the multi-year deals, Budweiser will get an extensive suite of rights to activate globally, including LED perimeter boards, collective image rights, on-package branding rights, and exclusive content rights.

For its Premier League and La Liga sponsorships, Budweiser has planned year-long marketing programs that will include viewing parties for fans, limited-edition packaging and content focused on seminal players both on and off the pitch.

Eelco van der Noll, head of partnerships at AB InBev, described the deals as the “missing piece in the puzzle” for Budweiser’s sponsorship program in between World Cups. Now, Budweiser will be in the spotlight every year during the Premier League and La Liga seasons.

One of the primary components of the deal is on-package branding rights, which will see the La Liga and Premier League players, logos and trophies pictured on Budweiser’s primary and secondary packaging.

Richard Masters, interim chief executive of the Premier League said, “We are delighted to announce Budweiser as a new Premier League partner. Budweiser has a track record of innovative football sponsorships, including partnering with the FIFA World Cup over many years. We look forward to working together to bring our new partnership to life and capturing the imagination of our fans all over the world.”

La Liga President Javier Tebas also commented, “We’re committed to growing the passion for football around the world. This historic partnership with Budweiser will only add to the growing excitement and anticipation for this year’s season and we’re thrilled to have them as partners. The global visibility of Spanish clubs will be strengthened thanks to this agreement.”

Pedro Earp, chief marketing officer at AB InBev said: “We are excited to kick-off these long-term partnerships with the Premier League and La Liga, two world-class football competitions.” He added: “These partnerships will allow us to further connect with key consumers and football fans across the globe. We are passionate about football, and so are our consumers, so we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate the sport, the players, and most importantly, the fans.”

Budweiser is already a long-time partner of the Fifa World Cup, but is strengthening its ties with football via this new association with two of the world’s most famous leagues. Earlier this year, it became the official beer of the England senior women’s team and of Wembley Stadium.

Particulars: Collective Images

In each collective image, Budweiser has to use at least four Premier League players, each representing different clubs, and seven La Liga players, also representing different clubs.

Content Rights

The rights in the two deals are broadly similar, but there are some differences when it comes to content rights and LED rights.

LED Rights

At La Liga, Budweiser will get 3-4 minutes’ LED time per game at every fixture except Barcelona and Real Madrid home games. [This is likely due to sponsorship agreements those clubs have in place with brewers Estrella Damm and Mahou Cinco Estrellas, respectively.]

Under the Premier League deal, Budweiser will also get a smaller share of Premier League LED rights, which it has purchased through an agreement with a third-party provider.

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Resumen en español

Budweiser, marca internacional de Anheuser-Busch InBev, anunció la semana pasada un acuerdo de varios años con dos de las principales ligas de fútbol internacionales, la Premier League y La Liga. Como antiguo socio de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA™, y seguidor de las ligas de fútbol y de diversas selecciones nacionales de todo el mundo, Budweiser se enorgullece de ampliar su apoyo al deporte rey conectando con más aficionados al fútbol cada año. Estos nuevos acuerdos se activarán en los cinco continentes y en más de 20 países, incluyendo a Reino Unido, China, Sudáfrica, India, Chile y Nigeria, acercando a los seguidores a sus héroes del fútbol gracias a una serie de programas únicos en todo el mundo.

Siendo la marca de cerveza más valiosa del mundo, the King of Beers lanzará su campaña global Be a King junto con estos acuerdos. Esta campaña inspirará a aficionados de todo el mundo acercándolos a los reyes del deporte. Las acciones incluirán envases de edición limitada mostrando los emblemáticos trofeos de liga, ‘viewing parties’ exclusivas, activaciones en broadcasters y contenido diseñado para celebrar la grandeza de los jugadores en el terreno de juego y su impacto cultural fuera del mismo.

“Nos entusiasma poner en marcha estos acuerdos a largo plazo con la Premier League y La Liga, dos competiciones de fútbol de categoría mundial. Estas asociaciones nos permitirán conectar aún más con los consumidores clave y seguidores del fútbol de todo el mundo”, declaró Pedro Earp, director de marketing de AB InBev. “Nos apasiona el fútbol, igual que a nuestros consumidores, así que no podemos estar más orgullosos de homenajear al deporte, a los jugadores y, lo que es más importante, a sus aficionados”.

Richard Masters, director general en funciones de la Premier League afirmó: “Estamos encantados de anunciar que Budweiser será un nuevo socio de nuestra competición. Budweiser tiene un gran historial de innovadores patrocinios de fútbol, incluyendo el de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA™ durante muchos años. Estamos deseando trabajar juntos para desarrollar esta asociación y atraer el entusiasmo de nuestros aficionados de todo el mundo”.

El presidente de La Liga, Javier Tebas, añadió:

“Estamos comprometidos con aumentar la pasión por el fútbol en todo el mundo. Esta asociación histórica con Budweiser será una gran aportación a la creciente emoción y expectativas para esta temporada y estamos muy felices de tenerlos como socios. La visibilidad global de los clubes españoles se fortalecerá gracias a este acuerdo”.

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