Budweiser Announces Global “Be A King” Campaign With Sponsorship of La Liga and Premier League

Why the new deal with Budweiser is significant to La Liga

“The global visibility of Spanish clubs will be strengthened thanks to this agreement.”

Javier Tebas, President, La Liga

For La Liga, the sanctioning body for Spanish soccer’s top two divisions, (La Liga Santander and La Liga Smartbank) the partnership with Budweiser is the latest in a flurry of deals to be announced by the organisation in recent times, following agreements with food delivery service Deliveroo and German sportswear brand Puma, which will now supply the official match balls for La Liga games.

La Liga international development director Óscar Mayo said the new sponsorship agreement with Budweiser demonstrates the evolution of La Liga as a sponsorship platform in the last few years. “We are really happy that Budweiser is putting La Liga and the Premier League on the same level, and that both leagues are seen as very important for Budweiser’s future strategy.” He went on to say, “It shows the increasing strength of La Liga, as six or eight years ago, it was impossible to think that a brand like Budweiser would be closing a global deal with La Liga on the same level as the Premier League.”

“La Liga now has local and regional sponsors in more than 70 countries, we have Global Partners such as Santander, Unilever, LiveScore, and now Budweiser, and we are building a strong pool of sponsors that show just how attractive La Liga has become, and how much we have grown in the last year.”

The change in sponsorship also furthers the goal that has been discussed many times by Javier Tebas as narrowing the revenue gap between the Premier League and La Liga. While both leagues are considered to be the best in the world from a quality standpoint, the picture is vastly different when it comes to revenue, where the Premier League is by far the world’s richest league.

Link: Official Partners of La Liga

Note: The second division is changing is name on August 17, 2019 from La Liga 1|2|3 to La Liga Smartbank.

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