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Manager Has Been Chosen Says Inter Miami Managing Owner

Announcement Forthcoming

MIAMI, Fla. (November 20, 2019) —

Inter Miami CF still haven’t revealed who will be managing the team when they take the field for their 2020 MLS expansion season, but according to managing owner Jorge Mas, the club has made its decision.

Speaking to at Tuesday’s MLS expansion draft, Mas said that a final call has been made on the hire, and the much-anticipated announcement will be made in the near future. “We’ve made a selection,” a smiling Jorge Mas told Jillian Sakovits. “We just haven’t made an announcement yet.”

Mas also said that the energy level of the city is palpable and the expectations are “sky high.”

Asked about this same issue yesterday, Sporting Director Paul McDonough said “It’s a name you’ll know.”

Yesterday’s expansion draft invitation-only celebration at the club’s Miami offices was a complete success. Members of all three official supporters’ groups, Southern Legion, Vice City 1896 and The Siege Supporters Club were on hand. Smoke filled the air, drums beat, whistles blew and songs, mostly in Spanish, were sung with enthusiasm, filling the plaza outside the draft room with excitement as each new player was announced. ¡Que empiece la fiesta!

By Ken Russo

My work in the business of soccer applies skills acquired in law practice with a focus on the sport's commercial, communications and sporting components. Russo Soccer aims to inform, educate and engage in dialogue on news and relevant issues in the game.

Um advogado por formação, concentro meu trabalho nos negócios, comunicações e operações de equipes no futebol mundial. | Abogado con fundación avanzada en comunicaciones, enfocado en los negocios del fútbol y las comunicaciones. | Je suis un avocat experimenté dans les affaires de football.

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