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Jorge Mas Speaks At SoccerEx USA 2019

MIAMI, Fla. (November 22, 2019) —

Inter Miami CF Managing Owner Jorge Mas was invited to speak at Soccerex USA 2019, a conference hosted in Miami that has as its purpose providing a venue to “bring together the global football industry.” The two-day event features panel discussions on a wide range of subjects of interest to executives in the global football business. This year was the second year in a row that Miami has played host to SoccerEx. This year, the conference also staged an event in Portugal and in China. The Miami SoccerEx was attended by over 2,000 delegates, 100 exhibitors and 400 rights holders from over 90 countries.  

Mas spoke about the progress Inter Miami is making ahead of its 2020 inaugural season, and his aspirations for the Club moving forward.  

“We made a commitment to invest in our community,” Mas declared. “We agreed to create a world class team with world class people. We model ourselves after, and use as a peer group, the most successful soccer clubs in the world.” 

“One of the unique things about our city is passion,” he added. “It’s passion about, not only love of sports which unites and is incredibly important to the fabric of our community, but passion for everything that Miami represents.  

Speaking about the Fort Lauderdale Stadium and Training Centre (“Centro Deportivo”), Mas said, “Our primary reason [for choosing the site] was that we wanted to have 100% control over the fan experience. We wanted to be able to provide our fans something unique.”  

“People told me it was going to be impossible to build a stadium in nine months. This stadium will be completed for our home debut on March 14.” 

He spoke about the interim home of the MLS First Team, including the state of the art 50,000 square-foot Fort Lauderdale training centre.  

Inter Miami Centro Deportivo, Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Photo: Inter Miami CF

“Our training centre will allow us to host tournaments and create a hub of soccer not only in South Florida, but one of the centrepieces of fútbol in the United States,” he added. “Inter Miami is not just Miami’s team; it is South Florida’s team. Fort Lauderdale Stadium will be very active beyond our first two seasons as we make South Florida a centre for international fútbol matches.” 

Mas also touched on the Miami Freedom Park project, what it entails and where in the process the project currently is. “Miami Freedom Park will be an entertainment destination and a focal point for our community. We as owners will use our business to enhance the communities we are investing in.”  

The Stadium at Miami Freedom Park. | Photo: Inter Miami CF

Regarding the Inter Miami brand Mas said, “It will be present in all of the Americas. Our players will help us be involved in those countries.” 

“We aspire to be the most popular sport brand in South Florida, be globally recognized and to be done the Inter Miami way.” 

Jorge Mas

Talking about the progress on the sporting side of the club, Mas said:  

“Inter Miami fans will be extremely excited about the roster Paul McDonough, our sporting director, is building. We aspire to build a team that can compete with any team in the Americas.” 

Mas added, “We will be announcing a coach very soon. We have made our choice.” 

By Ken Russo

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