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Behind The Veteran Acquisitions: Robles, DeLaGarza and Meredith

Inter Miami picked up valuable leadership and depth in Robles and DeLaGarza.

MIAMI, Fla. (December 4, 2019) —

The signing of veteran goalkeeper Luis Robles has been widely praised. It makes perfect sense for an expansion team to pick up what might have been the best available domestic keeper, one with a solid record and much MLS experience.

Another solid 2019 campaign? Check. Awesome locker room presence for any club, particularly an expansion side? Check. Won’t take up an international slot? Check. Robles is slated to be Inter’s starter while Bryan Meredith, acquired in the Expansion Draft, serving as the number two goalkeeper. Miami also has the Homegrown player rights to Drake Callender. In short, this position is ready.

Later in the day, Miami added another respected veteran in A.J. DeLaGarza. The Guam international was a regular fixture in the Houston Dynamo’s starting XI when he wasn’t injured over the past three seasons and also has trophy-winning pedigree. The club’s press release led by calling DeLaGarza someone who will add to the “depth of the roster,” too. Expect to see DeLaGarza in a starting role as often as possible.

Apart from being a good player, A.J. DeLaGarza is nothing but class off the field. At Houston, he was always open with the media and with fans and quickly embraced Houston when he was traded there back in 2017. His organization Luca Knows Heart, named in memory of his son, is aimed at raising awareness for those with congenital heart defects, showing his leadership off the field.

By Ken Russo

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