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McDonough: DPs On The Horizon for Inter

MIAMI, Fla. (January 11, 2019) —

With two out of its three draft choices selected in the 2020 MLS Superdraft presented by adidas, Inter Miami find themselves with a plethora of international slots still waiting to be used, as well as room for two more Designated Players.

“I think if I built Atlanta United down here, everybody would be happy.”

paul mcdonough

Miami soon hope to add more, including a big one. According to sporting director Paul McDonough, Miami have agreed a transfer fee for a potential DP striker and are working on personal terms.

“We have significant international players still to sign,” McDonough told Thursday during the SuperDraft. “We have an international winger that we’ve got agreed, we’re doing personal terms with. We have a DP striker that we’ve agreed [a fee] with the club, trying to see if we can get personal terms done. We have midfielders we’re trying to secure and one or two center backs.”

Reports out of England and Scotland say that international winger is Lewis Morgan, who plays for Celtic Football Club in Glasgow.

McDonough added that he hopes all those deals he mentioned will be done ASAP, though conceded one or two players might come in after the club play their season opener on March 1. Particularly with the remaining two DPs, though, McDonough is intent on acquiring them long before the summer.

“The goal for us is to try and fill now, to come out of the gates and be successful from day one,” McDonough said. “With the major tournaments like Copa America and the Euros, if you wait to sign a DP in the summer, the impact he can have would be very minimal.” Ostensibly, that would rule out previously linked Manchester City midfielder David Silva, who announced he’ll be leaving City this summer. As for the DP striker, Miami have been linked with Club America and Colombia star forward Roger Martinez while out wide, Celtic winger Lewis Morgan is the latest name to be reported.

With the plethora of big-name players rumored to be joining the club, all landing somewhere on the gamut from factual to wildly inaccurate, Miami find themselves in the unenviable position in which expectations for whoever they sign are sky-high. It’s not something that weighs on McDonough, though. 

“No, I don’t feel pressure to sign a big name,” the sporting director affirmed. “I feel pressure to win. I know there’s pressure from the outside, but I don’t feel any pressure to build a team. I feel pressure to build a successful team, I think there’s a lot of different ways to do that. I think if I built Atlanta United down here, everybody would be happy.”

By Ken Russo

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