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Kit Reveal Day is Feb. 5

MIAMI, Fla. (January 30, 2020) —

Major League Soccer’s kit reveal day is on February 5. Once again this year, teams are only allowed to have two kits, a primary and a secondary.

Of note this year, adidas is rolling out a special 25th anniversary template that will be used on one of the kits of all 26 teams. It features the three stripes for which adidas is known, this time displayed as three wide stripes going across the right shoulder of the shirts. It is supposed to resemble the shirts worn in MLS twenty-five years ago.

Many fans have been hoping for Inter Miami to come out of the gate in a pink shirt. That kind of vibrant look was promised by David Beckham in 2014 after he first announced his Miami MLS franchise. Though there have been numerous concepts that graphic design artists have created, trying to imagine what Inter Miami’s kits would look like, it looks like adidas didn’t take notice.

Kit Concept by Alberto Mariani

As reported, Inter Miami looks like they will have one all white kit with pale pink trim, and one all black kit, also with pink trim, leaving many fans somewhat disappointed.

One of the comments to that post read, “Like shockingly underwhelming, right? Can’t believe how boring it is considering how perfect that crest is.”

On this note, it has been known for adidas to develop a plain kit initially for new teams an then add character and design changes in later editions. With a place as colourful and vibrant as Miami, there is plenty of inspiration out there.

By Ken Russo

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