Inter Miami Hoy Training / Entrenamiento

Training on The Treasure Coast

MIAMI, Fla. (January 31, 2020) —

After beginning its training camp at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida, Inter Miami moved up the coast to Port Saint Lucie, for a week long stay at Club Med Sandpiper Bay.

It was a week full of intense training, technical skills, situations, work outs, and more. On top of that, the week away from the distractions of home allowed the players to begin to bond.

By all accounts, it was a successful week.

“The intensity on the field kind of translates off the field and in the card games as well,” Dylan Nealis said. “It can get intense. The real character really comes out in some of the games. It’s just nice to see where everyone comes from. Some guys have been in the league and they’re sharing their stories, and I’m just all ears, listening and taking everything in.”

Venezuelan defender Christian Makoun, 19, who began practicing this week after joining Inter Miami on Tuesday, said he already sees the team as “very united”. Ambrose, who’s also played for Atlanta United FC and Orlando SC, said the biggest thing he’s learned about Inter Miami so far is how much of a family they aspire to be.

“I’ve been with previous clubs where it’s been pure business and not very much about relationships,” Ambrose said. “It’s awesome how they want to come together as a family. We’ve already had dinner with the owner and how close everybody wants to be and how close the organization is trying to be.”

By Ken Russo

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