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How the FIFA rules would permit Inter Miami to acquire Rodolfo Pizarro

FIFA’s rules allow any team to acquire the federative rights to a player, during a transfer window, without the need to negotiate directly with the player’s club, only by tendering the amount of the player’s recission clause in his contract.

MIAMI, Fla. (February 9, 2020) —

Even though Monterrey’s president had given Inter Miami until last Thursday to complete a deal for Rodolfo Pizarro, and the negotiations between Inter Miami and the Rayados de Monterrey for the sale of Pizarro are closed, it is the MLS club that will decide when to make the purchase of the player valid, and not Monterrey.

The salary that he will receive will be double what he earns now, and the rescission clause that forms part of his contract with the Mexican club is around $17 million. Reports are that this will be paid by the South Florida side.

Although Monterrey would like to have clarity on its ability to count on one of its most dominant players for the rest of the Liga MX Clausura 2020, FIFA rules permit any team to acquire the federative rights to a player, during transfer periods, without the need to negotiate with the player’s club, only be tendering the amount of the rescission (aka release) clause in the player’s contract. Rescission clauses are commonly used around the world. (They are not generally used in the Premier League and not at all in MLS, primarily due to differences in the laws of contracts and differences in workers’ rights.)

The situation is similar to the strategy Paris Saint-Germain used to acquire Neymar, Jr. from FC Barcelona, after the Parisian club paid the 222 million Euro release clause that he had in his contract with the Culés and then negotiated a deal with the Brazilian star.

When would Inter Miami employ this strategy? Reports indicate it will be this week or next that Miami will make official the payment of the recission clause that will cause Rodolfo Pizarro to no longer belong to Club de Fútbol Monterrey.

By Ken Russo

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