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The Athletic Critiques Inter Miami Kits

MIAMI, Fla.(February 11, 2020) —

With the release of MLS’ 25th anniversary kits, the Athletic got down to writing its reviews. Here’s what they said about Inter Miami.

Is Mati about to be abducted by aliens?

Adam: Look, Miami. You’re the pink team. That’s your role. You put out a great crest that included a color shared by no one else in the league. You guaranteed yourself unique shirts and merch for years to come simply by virtue of that decision. You had one job AND YOU BLEW IT. WHY IS THERE BARELY ANY PINK, Y’ALL? WERE YOU AFRAID OF LOOKING TOO FEMININE? WELL THAT’S STUPID. IT’S 2020 AND YOUR OWNER IS ONE OF THE PRETTIEST PEOPLE IN EXISTENCE. MAKE A PRETTY HOME KIT. NOW YOU HAVE TO PLAY A WHOLE SEASON WHERE THE BEST INTER MIAMI KIT STILL BELONGS TO THE SEATTLE SOUNDERS.

Brooks: Without a doubt the most disappointing of the bunch. Ever since I first saw that badge, I have had such high hopes for their kits. Between the colors, the Miami location (well, near Miami) and having David Beckham as a co-owner, they had the perfect opportunity to be really bold with their designs. Instead, they did this. “Pink accent stripes over black (are) an ode to South Florida’s vibrant soul,” they claim, but they’re not. They’re just not. Also, I’m pretty sure this man is about to get abducted by aliens. What is happening with these photos?  

Pablo: What Inter Miami and Adidas have done here should be considered business malpractice. They took arguably the most anticipated jersey in MLS history, one that could’ve paired nicely with a linen blazer, one that could’ve suited both Crockett AND Tubbs, and turned out a design that looks no different than 80% of the league’s other kits. Sharp Inter Miami gear would’ve been a license to print money. Oh well. 

Also of note: They’re sublimated herons, not flamingoes. This is something I recently learned. Anyway, long live Forward Madison.

By Ken Russo

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