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Mixed Reviews For The All White Kit

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (February 26, 2020) —

With four days before its official first game, there is still an outpouring of opinion regarding the Inter Miami CF kits for the inaugural season.

Inter Miami officially unveiled its first home jersey on Monday afternoon, but the reaction from within camp to the predominantly white top with pink accents would best be described as mixed.

Fans, and even some players, have provided input. And their reactions are mixed, with one of the most persistent questions being on peoples’ minds is “Why on earth is there no pink shirt?“

There is a lot of opinion on social media. Certainly, some people like the all black and all white ensembles. Style is subjective. The responses to this recent post by Inter Miami on twitter is but one example:

Among the responses: “boring,” “terribly plain,” and “should have been pink.”

Inaugural home shirt draws mixed reviews

Asked what he thought about the all white and all blacks, midfielder A.J. De La Garza responded with a chuckle, “I wish we had a pink one.“ (The white jersey is) nice and very clean. I know a lot of people don’t like how boring they might be.” Reasonable interpretation from that answer is that De La Garza and other players even think that the kits are boring.

Victor Ulloa agreed that it would have been really nice to have a pink kit, but said that he is fine with both the white home top and away black uniform, although his favourite was the former.

Co-owner David Beckham, meanwhile, told media when asked about it that he was pleased with the outcome of the inaugural home look.

“Why wasn’t it pink? It’s got pink on it,” said Beckham. “We always said that we wanted a kit that the fans would be proud of. There’s always going to be certain people that maybe think it should be one color or should be something different, but I think we’re more than happy with what we’ve done with this club so far. More importantly, I think our fans are happy.”

Beckham’s on the record statements about the kit do not come as a surprise, To be fair, what is he supposed to say, other than to say he is pleased?

But Are They Happy?

However, the current Miami look contradicts what Beckham himself told us as far back as 2014, after announcing that he would exercise his option with MLS and bring a team to Miami. He told reporters that the colours would reflect the city. For example, during an interview with Christina Hernández of NBC 6 South Florida, Beckham said “The colours will definitely have a lot to do with the culture of Miami, and the vibrant colours that people are used to here.” He told other reporters that “It’s going to be vibrant. It’s Miami, it has to be.”

Taking both of the kits together, the choice of pink suits Miami perfectly. And, given the fact that no other team in MLS uses it, having a pink shirt would have left no doubt about the identity of the team on the pitch. The logo is also very well designed.

The team gave fans much hope in the promo videos leading up to the name and identity reveal on September 5, 2018. However, with one kit all white and the other all black, whether you want to call it “clean” or perhaps more frankly “boring,” people are talking. Many call the kits “MLS White” and “MLS Black” and think they just don’t strike them as having a feeling of being “Miami.” It’s true, as David Beckham points out, that you can never please everyone. That said, there are surely ways to make this colour combo work, and adidas and Inter Miami owe it to fans to look to the many designs that artists and others came up with for inspiration.

Better yet, they should get input from designers and fans; more so considering they expect fans to pay serious amounts money for Inter Miami-branded merchandise.

There’s a lot of potential for the Inter Miami brand, including the kits. In the case of the latter, it’s just not there … yet. Will the club actually take an innovative approach and listen to fans?

By Ken Russo

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