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Rubiales: “It would be unjust to terminate the LaLiga season now”

The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, roundly rejected playing LaLiga next season with 22 teams or any other possibilities along those lines.

With Euro 2020 postpones until 2021, European competitions should be able to finish with a champion and with promotion and relegation.

MIAMI, Fla. (2 de abril de 2020) —

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After the suspension of sporting competitions in Spain, there have been numerous ideas and thoughts about the future of this year’s LaLiga season. Just last week UEFA held a teleconference with all of its member associations in order to make a decision about this year’s European Championships. The decision was to postpone the Euro 2020 torunament to 2021. The tournament had been scheduled to take place between June 11th to July 11th.

Thanks to this postponement, explained Luis Rubiales, president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), in his press conference with the networks, all of the competitions in Europe now have a window in which to finish their respectvive seasons.

“The seasons have to finish, and, if possible, before the 30th of June. Nevertheless, this date is not inflexible, and if it’s necessary to have games after that date, so be it. We’re going to fight so that’s there is justice, equality and homogenity in our competition; so that every team can play out its calendar and the final table (standings) will end up according to what is needed: winning on the pitch. (field)”

Luis Robiales, Pres. of the RFEF

According to Rubiales, all of Europe’s national associations as well as international federations are in unanimous agreement with this decisiontodas las federaciones tanto internacionales como nacionales se han puesto de acuerdo de manera unánime para tomar esta decisión. At the same time, he emphasised three important points that would affect the future of this year’s LaLiga season according to how events unfold in Spain.

We cannot guarantee that we can finish before June 30 and it’s necessary to imagine that it might need to be extended further out.”

For now, it’s unclear how many weeks can be recovered. It might be that additional matches take place between Mondays and Fridays, or by adding additional weeks to complete the season.

Three Important Conditions Precedent

The first of those is health, Rubiales said: “We must take complimentary measures, which will become known in the next few days, with regard to restarting the season. The restart rests with decisions of the health and governmental authorities.”

A second condition is that of the competition itself. “Everyone hopes for justice if the season gets compacted in some form. It must end in a way that we are not changing the rules in the midst of a season. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to finish before June 30 and for this reason it is necessary to imagine that the season might have to be extended further out.».

Rubiales wanted to be clear that the RFEF has rejected any proposals that have been raised in the last few days due to concerns of injustice. “We cannot end the season as it stands right now. To do this we would be impeding the teams that are close to winning a title, or fighting for the title, and those that are fighting to avoid relegation, fighting to save themselves.

As for only counting the first have of the season, or declaring the season null and void and doing it over next year, the RFEF president said, “Counting only the first half of the season (in other words, counting only the first game of each LaLiga team against the other teams in the league) would also be unjust because the league table (standings) have changed a lot since then. At the same time, you cannot just declare a season null and void. How can we deny promotion to clubs that have taken years fighting to earn it and take away their ability to achieve it now?”

One last proposal, which is something I had thought of, is to have LaLiga consist of 22 teams next season in order not to prejudice those that are in the relegation zone and to provide room for the two automatic promotion spots from LaLiga Smartbank. Rubiales dismissed this idea, clarifying, “A 22-team LaLiga Santander next season would be irresponsible and would destroy our calendar. Everything must be won or lost on the pitch, it has to be like this. Things can change a lot with the time that is still left in the season.”

The third condition has been economic, a controversial point given the statements of LaLiga president Javier Tebas, who sounded the alarm that LaLiga is going to lose millions of euros. Rubiales, on the contrary, intends to stay calm: “We will guarantee every last euro to each of the clubs of the third division (Segunda B), and fourth division (Tecera División), academy programs, women’s and men’s football, payments to the teams of the second division as well as the first.”

With respect to the statements of Tebas, the president of the RFEF left a very clear message: “LaLiga está placing economics ahead of sport. We find it incredible that he is talking about losing millions and millions of euros when the broadcast rights that are the source of that income have already been sold and awarded.”

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