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Behind the NPSL Decision To Cancel 2020 Season


In an email distributed to league clubs on Martch 26, 2020, Kenneth Farrell, the NPSL’s Chairman of the Board, announced that the 2020 NPSL summer season, under its current competition structure, has been cancelled. The email indicated that the decision was unanimous among the board members.

Farrell cited the decision of the United States Adult Soccer Association (“USASA”) as being a key factor behind the decision to cancel the season:

“Earlier this week, USASA has extended its ban on soccer activity until April 30, and the CDC last week has recommended there be no group activities for eight weeks, which coordinates with May 10. Given these circumstances, the 2020 NPSL summer season, under its current competition structure, has been cancelled.  This decision was made unanimously by our Board of Directors…This action was not taken lightly.  Over the past few weeks, we have spoken to many of our teams and to our affiliate organizations.  As you can imagine, every situation is different and has its own set of circumstances.  We are balancing the immediate needs of our teams, and ensuring that we have a successful, thriving league for years to come.”

That decision by the USASA can be found here.

Citing that there were many factors behind the decision, the NPSL lists the following points on its website:

  • The NPSL’s traditional summer season competition structure ends with the National Championship on the first Saturday of August.  Since university students return to school after that time, and extending that date is not a viable option;
  • Many of the NPSL teams do not control their own venues, and are dependent on schools and colleges.  These venues are closed, with uncertain re-open dates, or many of them communicating re-open dates in June, July, and even August.
  • The profile of the NPSL ownership groups is typically that of a small business owner.  Many of our owners expressed the need for flexibility, which is why the league is offering a flexible, customised schedule once the situation with coronavirus improves. 

According to the NPSL, it will continue to adapt in order for its teams to make the right decision for their businesses. 

Members Cup In August

The NPSL has a competition called the Members Cup and remains hopeful of being able to play it in August 2020. The Members Cup will conclude with the 2020 NPSL Members Cup Final in November. The tournament will use only amateurs and unpaid professional players.

As for the future, the league says it is committed to making a full return in 2021 and “to provide the best platform for amateur soccer for many years to come.”

About The NPSL:

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is a member-driven national men’s soccer league committed to the support of its teams on and off the field and growing the sport nationally. The NPSL operates with nearly 100 teams across the country and remains one of the fastest-growing soccer leagues in the America.


Cover Photo: Miami United FC | Photo: NPSL Media

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