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2019/20 season must be abandoned in France

The French government blow the final whistle on the season

MIAMI, Fla. (29 April 2020) —

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Tuesday night, after six weeks of confinement, the French prime minister ended the speculations. There will be no organised sporting events before September 2020.

Edouard Philippe thus whistled the end of the match for French football. While the hope of finishing the season still existed among many of the stakeholders in professional football in the country, the prime minister made it known very clearly on Tuesday that the 2019/20 season was finished in French professional football, in the course of his presentation on his plan of deconfinement in front of the National Assembly

The government’s announcement cut short the speculation of a return in the near future and opened a period of uncertainty in French football that now must deal with the fallout from the end of the season currently in progress. For several weeks, the clubs concentrated on what the conditions of a restart would be, and looked at a date of June 17 in order to finish the season by July 25. Their Plan A suffered a brutal end on Tuesday. The Prime Minister doused the hopes of a summer of football, even though it would have been behind closed doors, in his presesntation of the strategy of a progresssive ending of the confinement period, industry by industry.

Ligue 1 : The questions that present themselves after the announcement of the end of the season

The Ligue 1 title, Euopean places, promotion-relegation… The questions are numerous and the tension is palpable at the heart of French football the day after the announcement by Edouard Philippe of the end of the 2019-2020 season. Will Paris St-Germain be consacrated champions, or will the season be considered null and void?

End of the road on the 2019/20 season.

It’s a worst case scenario for many presidents of Ligue 1 club who are struggling financially as a result of the suspension of the season. They must now face the reality that there will be no return to games before the fall.

Tuesday evening, after the goverment’s announcement, the president of the Frecnh Football Federation (“FFF”), Noël Le Graët, also acknowledged this meant the definitive end not only the Ligue 1 season, but also the Ligue 2, National divisions, and the women’s first division, in an interview with the Bretagne daily newpaper Le Télégramme, while waiting for a meeting of league executives to decide.

Starting a new season with a blank slate will permit the activation of a new TV rights contract with Mediapro, one which is much more lucrative than the currently expiring deal. But beginning a new season in either August or September raises some doubts, given that one of UEFA’s scenarios is to restart this year’s Champions League in August.

For the moment everyone is waiting for the final decision of the Professional Football League (la Ligue de fooball professionnel “LFP”.

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