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USL eCup 2020 Begins Today

32 clubs from USL Championship and USL One in 6 week FIFA20 tournament

MIAMI, Fla. (4 May 2020) – The United Soccer League and its clubs are returning to the virtual arena in a new competition.

The USL announced last Thursday its second esports competition, called the USL eCup: FIFA20 Edition. This virtual tournament will see 32 clubs from across the USL Championship and USL League One compete on the virtual pitch in a six-week tournament that features weekly brackets across three divisions as well as promotion and relegation at the end of each week.

“We know how much our fans and players enjoy competing in FIFA20 online,” said USL Senior Vice President of Digital Lizzie Seedhouse. “This format will see the cream rise to the top and ensure every game is crucial as teams get the chance to take aim at the overall prize, or earn their way to a higher tier of competition each week.”

The choice of game, EA Sports’ FIFA franchise, is a logical one. While many enthusiasts of soccer video gaming would rate Konami’s PES series as better for its gameplay, the EA Sports’ FIFA series has always had many more licenses for clubs and leagues. Indeed the FIFA series has been arguably EA Sports’ most successful globally, and over the past decade has been credited with helping build the profile of international and domestic soccer in North America thanks to its accessibility and playability both on consoles and online. (Note: This tournament is not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors.)

Thr USL has recently been in discussions with both EA Sports and Konami in order to have the Championship included in next year’s edition of one of the video games.

For the USL eCup, 32 clubs from the Championship and League One have been randomly assigned a premier international squad to compete with throughout the tournament.

The Tournament Format (From USL Communications):

They will then initially square off in Week 1, beginning on May 4, to earn the right to be placed in Division A, Division B or Division C, with an elimination bracket giving every team a chance to secure their place in the top division.

Through this initial bracket, 12 teams will be placed in Division A and Division B with the remaining eight being placed in Division C. Seeding for the divisional brackets that will make up the remainder of the competition will be determined by the previous week’s results.

At the end of Week 2, the four teams that advance to the Semifinals in both Division B and Division C will earn promotion to Division A and Division B respectively, while the four teams that are eliminated in the Play-In Round of the bracket in Division A and Division B will be relegated to the division below.

Additionally, points will be earned each week by the clubs that claim victory in their respective brackets. The top eight teams in the opening week’s bracket will earn between 1,000 and 200 points based on their respective finishes. Following that, 1,000 points will to the weekly champion in Division A, 500 points to the winner of Division B and 250 points to the winner of Division C. Each of the top four teams in each Division will receive points toward their overall total, while teams that are relegated will be deducted points in the overall standings.

The club that finishes with the most cumulative points at the end of the six weeks of competition will be crowned the overall winner of the USL eCup: FIFA20 Edition.


Preliminary Bracket

Round1st Place Finish2nd Place Finish3rd Place FInish4th Place Finish5th-8th Place Finish

Division Play

DivisionNo. of ClubsNo. of GamesNo. PromotedNo. Relegated1st Place Points2nd Place Points3rd Place Points4th Place PointsRelegation Points

As in the previous USL eCup: Rocket League Edition, the tournament will also feature the opportunity for each club participating to have a charitable tie-in locally. Clubs will nominate a charity of their choosing and a link to a donation page will be available for fans to chip in and support throughout the Twitch streams and on club and league websites.


Every game of the USL eCup: FIFA20 Edition will be streamed live on Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers, allowing fans to interact with teams and players throughout the action. Coverage will also be available on and following the teams and players throughout the event.

USL eCup Home Page

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