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Is setting a return date for La Liga too aggressive?

The Spanish football world is trying to get back to normalafter two months of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. LaLiga president Javier Tebas has called on players to act responsibly ahead of a potential return for Spanish football as soon as June 12. Meanwhile, David Aganzo, president of the Spanish Footballers’ Association (AFE) said that setting a specific date for the resumption of the competition “right now would be too daring.”

Following the first round of tests, five players been diagnosed as positive for COVID-19. The clubs are already conducting individual training for the return to the competition.

However, David Aganzo is not entirely sure about this. Appearing on TVE, he stated that to put a date “right now would be too daring.”

“There is no date set because we are going to go little by little, I think it is very daring to set a date right now,” said the head of the footballers’ union.

Aganzo explained that the players are afraid of contagion. “Fear is normal. In those plans of labour risks appeared those tests because we have to have the certainty like any other worker that our companions are well and able to work, not be infected and not to infect them,” he assured.

“Any worker, any human being who comes from confinement and gets another forty-something days will be affected,” said the president of the AFE.

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