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The pandemic determines the timetable

MIAMI, Fla. — (14 May 2020) There is a lot of talk going on between football’s leagues, clubs, and associations with governmental officials in Europe and elsewhere.

In fact, talks between Europe’s clubs, its leagues and its governing bodies have continued for weeks, but each round has only served to highlight the reality facing the sport: that the pandemic will determine the timetable, and nothing else. Some countries have decided that it is in the best interests of safety that the current season not be finished. In that category are France, The Netherlands, and Belgium. Elsewhere, some countries are ahead of the curve and also fared better. In Germany, the Bundesliga will restart this weekend, behind closed doors, but still lending hope to other top leagues such as La Liga, the Premier League and Serie A that they too might finish their seasons.

Meanwhile, everyone waits. Coaches, managers, trainers, players, scouts, those in football’s back rooms and front offices all try to use their time as best they can.

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By Ken Russo

My work in the business of soccer applies skills acquired in law practice with a focus on the sport's commercial, communications and sporting components. Russo Soccer aims to inform, educate and engage in dialogue on news and relevant issues in the game.

Um advogado por formação, concentro meu trabalho nos negócios, comunicações e operações de equipes no futebol mundial. | Abogado con fundación avanzada en comunicaciones, enfocado en los negocios del fútbol y las comunicaciones. | Je suis un avocat experimenté dans les affaires de football.

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