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Serie A returns on June 20

Everything is ready for the ball to start rolling in Italy.


MIAMI, Fla. — (30 May 2020) The Italian Serie A will restart in less than a month, on June 20. The protocol for the return of calcio was approved after an agreement was reached between the Italian health authorities (the CTS) and the FIGC. The Italian second division, Serie B, will also resume on the same date. An agreement was also reached to finish the Coppa Italia.

Although the calendar is not yet offical, the anticipated date to play the semifinals of the Coppa d’Italia is June 13, with the final taking place on the 17th. The intent of the Italian sports minister, Vincenzo Spadafora, is that the Coppa be finished before the league resumes.

While the protocol has been agreed to between the FIGC and the health authorities, Italy is still in quarantine at the moment. The games will of course be played in empty stadiums.


Serie A will first play four games that were called off from the 25th round, with every team returning to play on the 27th of June. By then all teams will have played the same number of games and have the same number (13) left to play.

A “Plan B” was also approved in case the competition has to be suspended again if there is a new outbreak of COVID-19.

Plan B, it is understood, would involve a “rpaid finish” to the season, by way of a playoff to determine the league champion and another set of playofffs to decide relegation. Another option agreed to would be definitive cancellation of the competition which could either designate a champion (like Ligue 1 did in France) or have no champion (as the Eredivisie did in the Netherlands).

By Ken Russo

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