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La Liga preparing to take legal action against RFEF over Fri. and Mon. matches

SAN FRANCISCO (Sep. 15, 2020) — La Liga plan to file a legal action against the Real Federación Española de Fútbol (“RFEF”) over the loss of Friday and Monday night football in Spain’s top flight according to a report in Cadena Cope. It’s a case of one side claiming to be acting in he best interest of fans and the other side acting in the best interests of earning revenue.

It appears that not only will La Liga refuse to negotiate with the Federation regarding the long-running dispute, but they will sue them, claiming loss of revenue from the time slots not being utilised.

The fight over staging a match on Friday night and one on Monday night has been ongoing for years. La Liga has always been a strong advocate of using the time slots for matches with Spanish football’s governing body completely opposed.

La Liga had included the time slots for the opening weeks of the 2020/21 La Liga season but the Spanish FA then blocked them, leading to rearranging the opening weekend of the campaign.

Last season, Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales was successful in a campaign to make the matchday free of football – a decision popular with fans, who felt the time slot was unsociable for family and work purposes.

La Liga president Javier Tebas has continued to support the idea of playing Monday and Friday night matches as he believes that a variety of time slots makes the league more attractive to broadcasters and therefore provides increased streams of revenue for clubs. season,

The two institutions have remained deeply divided on a number of issues including scheduling, with both laying claiming to hold the power to decide the issue of scheduling game dates.

La Liga was allowed to use the time slots for the closing weeks of the 2019/20 campaign due to the absence of fans and desire to get the schedule completed as swiftly as possible, but that has left a power void and new collision going into this campaign.

By Ken Russo

My work in the business of soccer applies skills acquired in law practice with a focus on the sport's commercial, communications and sporting components. Russo Soccer aims to inform, educate and engage in dialogue on news and relevant issues in the game.

Um advogado por formação, concentro meu trabalho nos negócios, comunicações e operações de equipes no futebol mundial. | Abogado con fundación avanzada en comunicaciones, enfocado en los negocios del fútbol y las comunicaciones. | Je suis un avocat experimenté dans les affaires de football.

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