Gattuso Contract Heavy On Incentives

MIAMI, Fla (December 12, 2019) —

Gennaro Gattuso was on the list of possible head coaches for Inter Miami CF. On Tuesday night, he was installed as the new manager at Napoli, a few hours after the club said arrivederci to Carlo Ancelotti.

Gattuso’s contract is heavy on incentives. According to information obtained by the Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport, Gattuso will earn 750,000 € from now until June, 2020. His contract can be lengthened for two more years if Napoli finishes in the top four spots in Serie A and thereby qualifies for the Champions League next season. Under such an extension, Gattuso’s salary will increase to 1.5 million € per year. Further incentives could raise that total to 2 million € per year.

When asked about Carlo Ancelotti, who had coached Gattuso while he was at AC Milan, he said “Ancelotti is like a father to me. In all these years he has always been close to me, helping me in all situations. He has won everything and I still have much to show. The objective is to climb positions and arrive in a position which puts us in the Champions League. We must work well, recover points and exit from this delicate situation.”

Gennaro Gattuso estaba en la lista de posibles directores técnicos para el Inter de Miami. El martes por la noche fue confirmado como nuevo técnico del Napolés. El contrato también se ha hecho público. Según informa la Gazzetta dello Sport, Gennaro cobrará 750.000 euros de aquí a junio, un contrato que se alargaría por otras dos temporadas si el equipo termina entre los cuatro primeros y se clasifica para la próxima Champions. Si eso ocurre, Gattuso pasaría a cobrar 1,5 milliones por año, cantidad que se podría elevar hasta los 2 millones si se cumplen unos bonus pactados.

Lo que dijó Gattuso sobre Carlo Ancelotti: “Ancelotti es un padre para mí. En todos estos años siempre ha estado cerca de mí ayudándome en todas las situaciones. Ganó todo y yo todavía tengo mucho que demostrar. El objetivo es remontar posiciones y llegar a las posiciones de Champions. Debemos trabajar bien, recuperar puntos y salir de este momento delicado”, confesó ‘Rino’.

Ecco come giocherà il Napoli. | Here is how Napoli will play under Gattuso.

Il Napoli di Gattuso giocherà sicuramente con il 4-3-3
Gattuso will deploy a 4-3-3 at Napoli | Photo: Calcio Napoli

La Crisi Napolitana

As club struggles on the pitch, the chairman is embroiled in a dispute with players that has drawn the attention of the Italian and International Player Associations.

What is the limit of an owner’s authority over matters relating to players?

NAPOLI (December 10, 2019) —

Last week, Napoli chairman and owner Aurelio De Laurentiis told reporters he would sell his entire squad if given the chance, a sure sign the club’s civil war rumbles on. The chairman is reportedly considering cutting his losses and letting some of his best players leave in the winter transfer window.

De Laurentiis, 70, a prominent Italian film producer, has resurrected Napoli since buying them in 2004 after they had been declared bankrupt and relegated to Serie C (the Italian third division). The club basically had to start over again from scratch. The Partenopei have finished second in the race for the Scudetto, the Serie A title, three times in the last four seasons and have played entertaining football throughout that time.

However, he also has a tendency for making incendiary declarations, for falling out with his coaches, — for example Ancelotti’s predecessor Maurizio Sarri — and has a reputation for interfering with the coaching staff’s decisions and player selections. In short, a textbook lesson in what not to do when one owns a professional football club.

Aurelio De Laurentiis

Last month, De Laurentiis ordered a seven-day training camp for the players, during which they would not be allowed to go home to their families. Known as a “ritiro,” in Italian, they are used by clubs as a form of punishment for poor performance, and players view them as both demeaning and outdated. The ritiro was organised following Napoli’s defeat to Roma in Serie A on November 2. The players rebelled after the club’s 1-1 draw with Salzburg in the Champions League on the following Tuesday (November 5), going home rather than to the Castel Volturno training facility. De Laurentiis considered it an act of mutiny.

Napoli 1-1 Salzburg | Photo: Marca

This led to a furious stand-off between the playing staff and De Laurentiis. The club responded to the players’ absence from the retreat with a strongly-worded statement about protecting its rights which implied it would fine the players or even take legal action against them. Napoli’s vice-president, who just happens to be the owner’s son, Edo De Laurentiis, also took a swipe at the squad, claiming they lacked ‘balls’, and called for more ‘honour’ to be given to the ‘shirt and the city’. The fans are angry are both sides and protested in front of the Stadio San Paulo. Things are not harmonious in Napoli.

Napoli Vice-President, Edo De Laurentiis

Napoli head coach Carlo Ancelotti came close to being fired by De Laurentiis (see update below). He denied his squad have turned against him after the club’s winless streak extended to eight matches with a 2-1 defeat to Bologna at home. “I have an excellent relationship with the squad,” Ancelotti told reporters. “No one has ever failed to respect me. I don’t see any friction between the players and us.” That winless streak now stands at nine as Napoli drew 1-1 over the weekend away at Udine.

Carlo Ancelotti, Manager, Napoli | photo:

The pressure continues to mount on Ancelotti as the Partenopei languish seventh in Serie A, 17 points behind leaders Inter and eight adrift of the Champions League places.

“We are all united, we are all suffering in this delicate moment and we all want to resolve these issues together,” Ancelotti said.

Napoli’s results on the pitch reflect the continued internal problems. De Laurentiis went ahead with his threats and imposed fines on the players who refused to report to the training retreat he unilaterally imposed on the players. De Laurentiis fined them up to 50% of their October salaries, with captain Lorenzo Insigne reportedly ordered to pay the most at 350,000 Euros (nearly $400,000), followed by Brazilian defensive midfielder Allan at 150,000 Euros ($165,000). The fines could total 2.5 million Euros ($2.7 million).

The players have also been barred from speaking to the press, with Ancelotti only talking to the media prior to the Champions’ League game against Liverpool because not doing so would have broken UEFA rules. After the earlier Champions League draw with Salzburg, Ancelotti skipped his media duties.

Pressure is mounting on the club externally as well. The Italian Players Association ( l’associazione italiana calciatori, “AIC”) is looking into the situation. Carlo Ancelotti has stated publicly that he was not in agreement with the training camp, and as a result AIC president Damiano Tomassi said “it needs to be understood if and how the request for the training camp was formalized.” Tommasi says “the Napoli situation is a strange one and very unusual.” He added, “We talked about it with the team and put ourselves at the disposal of the Napoli players who will ask for our consultation.”

Napoli’s decision to fine its players for abandoning the in-season training camp ordered by the club owner is also being contested by FIFPro, the Amsterdam-based world players union.

FIFPro released a statement November 30, 2019, outlining its position:

FIFPro said the fines contradicted provisions in Italy’s collective bargaining agreement. “The players of Napoli cannot be subjected to arbitrary decisions of a disenchanted club when the result of a match is unsatisfactory,” FIFPro said.

“Technical matters are not the responsibility of club directors and we support (coach Carlo) Ancelotti and the players of Napoli for their united stand in clearly difficult times,” it said.

The AIC‘s mission is to protect, improve and negotiate the conditions, rights and status of all professional players by collective bargaining agreements. The Accordo Collettivo, or Collective Bargaining Agreement (the “AC”) at issue here is between the FIGC (Federazione Italiana Gioco Calcio, the Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A and the AIC.

Clause 10 (Technical Instructions, Obligations and Rules of Behaviour) of the AC appears to place issues such as training within the sporting side of the club. The section states:

10.1. The Player must perform the sporting services within the organisation provided by the Club and in compliance with the technical instructions and other rules laid down for attainment of the competitive objectives.

The above clause, while likely open for interpretation, seems to uphold the argument if FIFPro that training falls under the authority of a club’s technical staff and not ownership or the commercial side of a club. Clause 10 goes on to state:

10.4. The rules pertaining to the Player’s private life are lawful and binding, following acceptance of same by the Player, acceptance which shall not be unreasonably withheld, only where justified by needs of the professional activities to be performed, without prejudice in any event to respect for human dignity.

The AC also has a clause dealing with a player’s contractual rights to a weekly rest day and vacation. (Clause 18). In addition to allowing players four weeks of continuous vacation each year, this section provides:

18.1. The Player is entitled to one rest day every week, normally in the first two days of the week.

At present, it is unclear if the AIC and/or FIFPro will be successful in having the fines overturned and the players paid in accordance with their contracts. The matter could be subject to arbitration if a formal complaint is made by the AIC. Beyond the issue of the authority of a club owner to order the players to a training retreat, it would be hard to argue that such a measure deprived the players of “human dignity.” A request by Russo Soccer for further comment from FIFPro is still pending as of the time of publishing. Further updates on this story will be provided as news becomes available.

EDITOR’S UPDATE: As this article was being finalised, Carlo Anceolotti was fired Tuesday evening, despite Napoli winning their final Champions League group stage match 4-0 over Genk and qualifying for the knockout stage of the competition. He is now a favourite to assume the managerial duties at Everton or Arsenal in the Premier League. Gennaro Gattuso, who was a candidate for the Inter Miami CF manager’s job, will take over at Napoli.

MLS Offseason Calendar Starts Today

MIAMI, Fla. (November 11, 2019)—

Today marks the beginning of the MLS offseason player movement calendar. 

The action will start with a 55-hour window starting at 1 pm ET today in which teams may sign and trade players.

Other important dates include the MLS Expansion Draft on Nov. 19, which you will be able to watch on and the MLS mobile app, 

Also, the deadline for clubs to exercise options that are contained in some players’ contracts is on November 21.

For players who qualify, the opening of free agency is on November 25. 

You can read more about the rules and procedures surrounding the various drafts, the criteria for qualification and the processes for player movement at the Russo Law and Soccer website. Links are below:

Re-Entry Draft Rules And Procedures

Expansion Draft Rules And Procedures

End-Of-Year Waivers Rules And Procedures

Complete 2019 MLS Offseason Calendar

The complete offseason calendar is outlined below:

Nov. 11, 1:00 PM ET

Trade Window Opens
Following a 10-week roster freeze, MLS clubs may sign and trade players.

Nov. 13, 8:00 PM ET

Trade Window Closes and Blackout Period Begins
Blackout Period begins whereby clubs may no longer sign and/or trade players until conclusion of 2019 Expansion Draft.

Nov. 14

Club Deadline to submit Bona Fide Offers
MLS clubs notify the League Office in writing of players who have been extended a bona fide offer.

Nov. 19, 5:00 PM ET

2019 MLS Expansion Draft
Watch live in the MLS app or on Inter Miami CF and Nashville SC may select up to five players each from the eligible player list. The list of players eligible for selection in the 2019 MLS Expansion Draft will be released on Nov. 16 at 10:00 AM ET:

Expansion Draft Rules And Procedures

Nov. 21, 1:00 PM ET

Club Deadline to Exercise Options
MLS clubs notify the League Office in writing of players whose options they are exercising.

Nov. 25, 3:00 PM ET

End-of-Year Waivers
The End-of-Year Waivers process is conducted in reverse order of 2019 season finish, taking into account postseason performance. Per the Expansion Priority Draft, Nashville SC will have the 25th pick and Inter Miami CF will have the final selection in each round.

Eligible for selection are players who do not meet the minimum requirements for Re-Entry Process or Free Agency. The list of players eligible for the End-of-Year Waivers will be released on Nov. 22: End-Of-Year Waivers Rules And Procedures

Nov. 25, 3:00 PM ET

Free Agency Opens
Clubs may engage with players, other than their own, that are eligible for Free Agency. Free Agency eligible players are out-of-contract and option-declined players who are at least 28 years old and who have completed a minimum of eight service years. The complete list of Free Agents will be released on Nov. 22.

Nov. 26, 3:00 PM ET

2019 MLS Re-Entry Process – Stage 1
The Re-Entry Process, Stage 2 is conducted in the same format as Stage 1 and consists of MLS players who were not selected in the Stage 1. Not all unselected Stage 1 players will be available for selection as players may re-sign with their previous club between stages or may opt out of the process.

The list of players eligible for selection in the Re-Entry Process – Stage 1 will be released on Nov. 22: Re-Entry Draft Rules And Procedures

Dec. 3, 3:00 PM ET

2019 MLS Re-Entry Process – Stage 2
The Re-Entry Process is conducted in reverse order of 2019 season finish, taking into account postseason performance. Per the Expansion Priority Draft, Nashville SC will have the 25th pick and Inter Miami CF will have the final selection in each round.

The list of players eligible for selection in the Re-Entry Process – Stage 2 will be released on Nov. 3 at 10:00 AM ET: Re-Entry Draft Rules And Procedures

“They play like a team in crisis.”

Former Arsenal Manager Arsène Wenger’s Discusses Barça After 0-0 Draw in Champions League.

MIAMI, Fla. (November 7, 2019) —

Arsène Wenger analysed Barcelona for BeIN Sports for the midweek UEFA Champions League match versus Slavia Prague. He maintains that Barça play like a “team in crisis.”

The reigning La Liga champions were stunned on Tuesday night after they were unable to break the deadlock against Slavia Prague and were held to a 0-0 draw at the Camp Nou.

“They’re top of the league, they’re top of their group and they play like a team in crisis,” the legendary former Arsenal boss said on beIN Sports.

“Their game is too slow. There is no dynamic in the last 30 meters, it’s too individual.

“And every time they lose the ball, it looks like they will concede a goal on [the] counterattack because they cannot deal with pace against the opponent… the team lacks dynamic, lacks energy, lacks confidence.”

It was the first time since 2012 that Barcelona captain Lionel Messi failed to score in a home Champions League group game. He came close, striking the bar in a superb solo effort.

Wenger agrees with my own opinion that Barcelona are far too reliant on the Argentine superstar. He echoed that in discussing the Culés’ failure to make the breakthrough against Slavia Prague.

“Barcelona is an interesting case because they have a history of fantastic collective play, and on top of that, came Messi to make differences,” the 70-year-old explained.

“Today, it looks like they play and they wait for Messi to do something, but the basic strengths of the team play is a bit gone. And you think, when will Messi get the ball to do something?”

“And before, the music, the basic music, was the fantastic team play, making it difficult to catch the ball, and then on top of that came Messi.

“Today, it looks to me that they lost charisma.”

Wenger continued his brutal assessment of Barca’s performance with a stat comparison for ‘distance covered’ in the match.

Barcelona managed to cover 97 km in comparison to Slavia Prague’s 109 km, with the Frenchman saying it was the equivalent of 84 box-to-box runs.

He added: “Barcelona was beaten tonight really, physically, and then, not enough pace.”

While critical of Barça manager Ernesto Valverde, he was careful not to blame him entirely. “At the end, it’s always the coach who is guilty, he’s not always responsible,” he said. “There’s a difference between being guilty and responsible, you know?”

“As we said, Valverde does not make the decision on who comes in. He has to do the best with what he has.”

“So, what we speak about raises many questions: who has the final word when you buy a player? Secondly, is this really the player that the team needs?”

Source Credit: Sport Bible

L’Impact de Montréal Couronnée Champion Du Canada 2019 | Montreal Impact Crowned 2019 Champions of Canada

Les Montréalais remporte la Coupe des Voyageurs et Qualifie Pour La Ligue Des Champions de la Concacaf.

Montreal Brings Home The Voyageurs Cup; Earns Spot In Concacaf Champions League. Note: English language content below.

TORONTO, Ont., Canada (September 26, 2019) —

Le Bleu-blanc-noir a mis la main sur la 10è coupe des Voyageurs de son histoire après une séance de tirs au but lors du match retour de la finale du Championnat canadien hier soir au BMO Field à Toronto.

« Ça fait beaucoup de temps que j’attends ça, de prendre un trophée dans mes mains. »

Ignacio Piatti

«Ça fait beaucoup de temps que j’attends ça, de prendre un trophée dans mes mains, s’est exclamé Ignacio Piatti en français, prenant le temps de remercier aussi l’ancien entraîneur de l’équipe et ses adjoints. Aujourd’hui, c’est magnifique d’avoir gagné. C’est une victoire d’équipe. »

Lors du match aller, au Stade Saputo de Montréal, l’Impact s’était forgé une avance de 1-0 au cumulatif des buts, grâce à une superbe frappe de Piatti.

La formation montréalaise était privée des services du milieu de terrain Saphir Taïder, qui a reçu une suspension d’un match en raison d’une accumulation de cartons jaunes.

Tsubasa Endoh a encaissé un but à la 70e minute pour les Reds. Malgré des opportunités les montréalais n’ont pas réussi à finir le match en temps régulier.

Aux tirs de but, Bojan Krkic, Daniel Lovitz et Rudy Camacho ont réussi à déjouer Alex Bono à trois reprises pour permettre à l’Impact de s’imposer 3-1.

Toronto avait dominé, mais le vent a tourné en faveur du Bleu-blanc-noir à la 84e minute, lorsque Chris Mavinga a écopé d’un carton rouge pour avoir fauché Lassi Lappalainen devant la demi-lune de la surface de réparation. Toronto évoluait à 10 joueurs.

Le onze montréalais a tenté de fermer les livres à la 90e minute. Une frappe de Piatti a toutefois percuté la barre horizontale, forçant la tenue d’une séance de tir de barrage.

Grâce à cette victoire, le Bleu-blanc-noir participera à la 12e représentation de la Ligue des Champions de la CONCACAF, qui s’amorcera en février 2020.

« C’est une grosse victoire. Particulièrement cette année, avec plus d’équipes en lice, la compétition est plus sérieuse. Ça prouve que le soccer est en ascension ici. De pouvoir représenter Montréal, le Québec et le Canada évidemment, c’est spécial, c’est certain », a déclaré Samuel Piette.

« Ils ont mis les efforts nécessaires et ont fait ce qu’ils avaient à faire sur le terrain. Et ils le méritent, a déclaré l’entraîneur-chef de l’Impact, Wilmer Cabrera. Pour les partisans, pour la ville de Montréal et pour ce club. »

L’Impact tentait de mettre la main sur la coupe des Voyageurs pour une première fois depuis 2014, tandis que le Toronto F. C. visait un quatrième titre canadien consécutif.

C’était la dixième fois que Montréal remportait la Coupe des Voyageurs et la première depuis 2014. Avec cet victoire, L’Impact s’est qualifiée pour la Ligue des Champions de la Concacaf 2020 qui commencera en février 2020. Montréal rejoindra les équipes déjà qualifié au tournoi: UANL, Cruz Azul, Leon et Club America (Mexique), Portmore United (Jamaïque), et Atlanta United et Los Angeles Football Club (MLS).

Plus des renseignements sur le championnat canadien

Highlights Courtesy of One Soccer

The Montrealers Take Home The Voyageurs Cup

Montreal Impact defeated Toronto Football Club 3-1 on penalty kicks at BMO Field last evening to win the 2019 Canadian Championship. Toronto’s 1-0 victory on the night meant that the two-game aggregate score was tied at 1-1. Per competition format, the match went straight to penalties.

Absent from the match was Impact midfielder Saphir Taider, who was out due to card accumulation.

The Impact posted a 1-0 win in the opener of the home-and-away series last week at the Stade Saputo thanks to a goal by Ignacio Piatti. He nearly gave Montreal the win late in the second half but his shot hit the crossbar (see video clip above).

Montreal would have surely taken the lead in the 65th minute but for a blatant handball that was missed by the match officials. Despite the protests of the Impact players, VAR is not part of the Canadian Championship competition rules.

Tsubasa Endoh scored Toronto’s goal in the 70th minute. The Reds Chris Mavinga was given a red card in the 85th minute for taking down Lassi Lappalainen just outside the box.

Montreal carried its late momentum into the penalty-kicks session, scoring on all three opportunities. Rudy Camacho, Bojan and Daniel Lovitz converted from the spot for Montreal. Alejandro Pozuelo scored on Toronto’s first attempt but Jozy Altidore hit the crossbar and Patrick Mullins had his shot saved by goalkeeper Clement Diop.

Jonathan Osorio hit the post with Toronto’s fourth attempt, sealing the result.

“We became stronger and our stronger and our confidence grew,” said Impact coach Wilmer Cabrera.

It was the tenth time that Montreal has won the Voyageurs Cup and its first domestic title since 2014.

The Impact thus earn a berth in the 2020 Concacaf Champions League with the victory. Montreal will join UANL, Cruz Azul, Leon and Club America from Mexico in the 2020 CONCACAF Champions League, which begins in February 2020. Other qualified teams include Jamaica’s Portmore United and MLS sides Atlanta United and Los Angeles Football Club.

Starting Lineups

After the match and the on field celebrations, the team went to the locker room, where a celebration with Montreal Impact President Kevin Gilmore broke out.

Gallery (Images: Canadian Press and Montreal Impact)

More information on the 2019 Canadian Championship

Relive Igancio Piatti’s goal from the first leg of the championship in Montreal:

Exequiel Palacios Le Dijo “No” A Inter Miami. Sin Duda, Habrá Otros Que Digan “Sí”.

English version follows

Inter Miami CF, que empezará a competir en la MLS a partir del año que viene, estaba dispuesto a poner 20 millones de dólares pero el mediocampista prefiere irse a Europa.

Miami, Fla. (miercoles, 4 de septiembre de 2019) – Kenneth Russo

Al parecer, David Beckam parece tener una devoción por los jugadores argentinos. Esto lo está demostrando a partir de la búsqueda de jugadores jóvenes para su equipo de la MLS, el Inter Miami.

El equipo del exjugador inglés comenzará a participar de la MLS el próximo año y es por eso que se está armando para competir de la misma manera contra cualquiera de los equipos que están jugando en la actualidad.

En este caso, los dirigentes del club estaban dispuestos a desembolsar 20 millones de dólares por Exequiel Palacios, el juvenil de River Plate. El club se interesó mucho por la oferta debido a la importante suma que se ofreció. Sin embargo, el propio Palacios dijo que no estaba interesado en irse a jugar a Estados Unidos y dejó en claro que su futuro si no es en River será en el fútbol europeo.

El ascenso de Exequiel Palacios al estrellato ha sido excelente. El mediocampista se desplaza por todo el campo con sus carreras rápidas y su presión implacable. No es de extrañar que los clubes más grandes de Europa estén luchando para ficharlo. Los exploradores se refieren a él como una perspectiva increíble.

El Real Madrid es uno de los clubes que ya ha hablado con River sobre Palacios. Los Blancos han estado aprovechando el mercado sudamericano recientemente para atraer a algunas de las mejores estrellas jóvenes del continente.

Sin embargo, la plantilla actual lleva bien el nombre del equipo, con cuatro jugadores que llegarán de Argentina, Venezuela y Canadá. Pero por lo memento, Beckham no podrá sumar un tercer jugador argentino a los dos que ya forman parte del equipo: Matías Pellegrini, ex-Estudiantes de La Plata y Julián Carranza, ex-Club Atlético Banfield fueron los dos primeros refuerzos comprados por Internacional de la MLS. Sin duda, hay otros que decirán “sí”.

Exequiel Palacios Says “No” To Inter Miami. No Doubt, There Will Be Others Who Say “Yes.”

Inter Miami CF, which begins play in MLS next season, was prepared to spend $20 million USD, but the midfielder prefers to go to Europe.

It would seem that David Beckham has a devotion for Argentine players, as demonstrated by the search for young players for his club, Inter Miami. The former player’s team will begin to participate in MLS next season, and is arming itself to compete with any of the teams that play in the league at present.

In this case, the directors of the club were prepared to let go of $20 Million USD for Exequiel Palacios, the River Plate youth player. River was very interested in the offer due to the large sum that it would bring the club. Nevertheless, it was Palacios himself who was not interested in going to play in the United States. He made it very clear that if his future is not at River Plate then it will be in European football.

Exequiel Palacios’s rise to stardom has been excellent. The midfielder travels across the field with his fast runs and his relentless pressure. No wonder the biggest clubs in Europe are struggling to sign him. Scouts refer to him as an incredible prospect.

See Exequiel Palacios’ statistics from Transfermarkt

Real Madrid is one of the clubs that has spoken with River over Palacios. Los Blancos have been taking a long look at the South American market recently in order to attract some of the best young stars from the continent.

Nevertheless, the current roster of Inter Miami carries the name of the team well, with four players who will arrive from Argentina, Venezuela and Canada. However, at least for the moment, Beckham will not be able to add a third Argentine player to the two who already are on the roster: Matías Pellegrini, formerly of Estudiantes de La Plata and Julián Carranza, ex-Club Atlético Banfield were the first two players purchased by Internacional of MLS. Without a doubt, there will be others who say “yes.”

Highlights of Exequiel Palacios

Budweiser Announces Global “Be A King” Campaign With Sponsorship of La Liga and Premier League

New activations in more than 20 countries.

Budweiser, known as “The King of Beers,” will roll out its new campaign “Be A King” as part of these new sponsorship agreements.

Miami, Fla. (Tuesday, July 30, 2019) –

Budweiser, an international brand of Anheuser-Busch InBev, (“AB InBev”) announced last week a multiyear agreement to be a sponsor of both La Liga and the Premier League. This new sponsorship agreement will make Budweiser the official beer of the two top leagues in the world and will see activations across five continents and in more than 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, China, South Africa, India, Chile and Nigeria. Fans will be brought closer to the players they follow through a series of unique programs around the world. It The two league sponsorship will be the company’s biggest-ever integrated marketing campaign.

Separately, on July 7, 2019, Budweiser also announced a sponsorship deal with the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL).

The new sponsorship assets include 30-second video ads for both the Premier League and La Liga that feature on-pitch action intercut with Budweiser product shots to emphasise the slogan: “Beer of Kings.”

It had been rumoured since last November that Budweiser was looking to strike a deal with the Premier League. Now, they will replace Carling as the league’s official beer partner. Meanwhile, in Spain, Budweiser’s new sponsorship cannot be activated just yet, as La Liga is contractually bound for one more season with it current deal with domestic beer brand Mahou Cinco Estrellas.

Mahou Cinco Estrellas has one more season as official beer of La Liga.

The rights in the two deals are broadly similar. Under the multi-year deals, Budweiser will get an extensive suite of rights to activate globally, including LED perimeter boards, collective image rights, on-package branding rights, and exclusive content rights.

For its Premier League and La Liga sponsorships, Budweiser has planned year-long marketing programs that will include viewing parties for fans, limited-edition packaging and content focused on seminal players both on and off the pitch.

Eelco van der Noll, head of partnerships at AB InBev, described the deals as the “missing piece in the puzzle” for Budweiser’s sponsorship program in between World Cups. Now, Budweiser will be in the spotlight every year during the Premier League and La Liga seasons.

One of the primary components of the deal is on-package branding rights, which will see the La Liga and Premier League players, logos and trophies pictured on Budweiser’s primary and secondary packaging.

Richard Masters, interim chief executive of the Premier League said, “We are delighted to announce Budweiser as a new Premier League partner. Budweiser has a track record of innovative football sponsorships, including partnering with the FIFA World Cup over many years. We look forward to working together to bring our new partnership to life and capturing the imagination of our fans all over the world.”

La Liga President Javier Tebas also commented, “We’re committed to growing the passion for football around the world. This historic partnership with Budweiser will only add to the growing excitement and anticipation for this year’s season and we’re thrilled to have them as partners. The global visibility of Spanish clubs will be strengthened thanks to this agreement.”

Pedro Earp, chief marketing officer at AB InBev said: “We are excited to kick-off these long-term partnerships with the Premier League and La Liga, two world-class football competitions.” He added: “These partnerships will allow us to further connect with key consumers and football fans across the globe. We are passionate about football, and so are our consumers, so we couldn’t be prouder to celebrate the sport, the players, and most importantly, the fans.”

Budweiser is already a long-time partner of the Fifa World Cup, but is strengthening its ties with football via this new association with two of the world’s most famous leagues. Earlier this year, it became the official beer of the England senior women’s team and of Wembley Stadium.

Particulars: Collective Images

In each collective image, Budweiser has to use at least four Premier League players, each representing different clubs, and seven La Liga players, also representing different clubs.

Content Rights

The rights in the two deals are broadly similar, but there are some differences when it comes to content rights and LED rights.

LED Rights

At La Liga, Budweiser will get 3-4 minutes’ LED time per game at every fixture except Barcelona and Real Madrid home games. [This is likely due to sponsorship agreements those clubs have in place with brewers Estrella Damm and Mahou Cinco Estrellas, respectively.]

Under the Premier League deal, Budweiser will also get a smaller share of Premier League LED rights, which it has purchased through an agreement with a third-party provider.

Next Page: Why the new deal with Budweiser is significant to La Liga

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Budweiser, marca internacional de Anheuser-Busch InBev, anunció la semana pasada un acuerdo de varios años con dos de las principales ligas de fútbol internacionales, la Premier League y La Liga. Como antiguo socio de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA™, y seguidor de las ligas de fútbol y de diversas selecciones nacionales de todo el mundo, Budweiser se enorgullece de ampliar su apoyo al deporte rey conectando con más aficionados al fútbol cada año. Estos nuevos acuerdos se activarán en los cinco continentes y en más de 20 países, incluyendo a Reino Unido, China, Sudáfrica, India, Chile y Nigeria, acercando a los seguidores a sus héroes del fútbol gracias a una serie de programas únicos en todo el mundo.

Siendo la marca de cerveza más valiosa del mundo, the King of Beers lanzará su campaña global Be a King junto con estos acuerdos. Esta campaña inspirará a aficionados de todo el mundo acercándolos a los reyes del deporte. Las acciones incluirán envases de edición limitada mostrando los emblemáticos trofeos de liga, ‘viewing parties’ exclusivas, activaciones en broadcasters y contenido diseñado para celebrar la grandeza de los jugadores en el terreno de juego y su impacto cultural fuera del mismo.

“Nos entusiasma poner en marcha estos acuerdos a largo plazo con la Premier League y La Liga, dos competiciones de fútbol de categoría mundial. Estas asociaciones nos permitirán conectar aún más con los consumidores clave y seguidores del fútbol de todo el mundo”, declaró Pedro Earp, director de marketing de AB InBev. “Nos apasiona el fútbol, igual que a nuestros consumidores, así que no podemos estar más orgullosos de homenajear al deporte, a los jugadores y, lo que es más importante, a sus aficionados”.

Richard Masters, director general en funciones de la Premier League afirmó: “Estamos encantados de anunciar que Budweiser será un nuevo socio de nuestra competición. Budweiser tiene un gran historial de innovadores patrocinios de fútbol, incluyendo el de la Copa Mundial de la FIFA™ durante muchos años. Estamos deseando trabajar juntos para desarrollar esta asociación y atraer el entusiasmo de nuestros aficionados de todo el mundo”.

El presidente de La Liga, Javier Tebas, añadió:

“Estamos comprometidos con aumentar la pasión por el fútbol en todo el mundo. Esta asociación histórica con Budweiser será una gran aportación a la creciente emoción y expectativas para esta temporada y estamos muy felices de tenerlos como socios. La visibilidad global de los clubes españoles se fortalecerá gracias a este acuerdo”.