Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami

Inter Miami CF wants to achieve greatness in our Greater Miami community. The “Club of the People” aims to celebrate all that makes Miami the extraordinary place that it is. A multilingual and multicultural city unlike any other in the country; a place that looks to the future.

The #365Countdown | #Cuentaregresiva365

Counting down the days to the first regular season of the club. Link follows:

Countdown To IMCF first game | Cuenta regresiva al primer partido de IMCF

Not just another sports team, Inter Miami CF wants to set the new standard for how a professional sports club interacts with its city.

“We will harness the city’s great history and unmatched culture to create new traditions, rituals, and symbols that are admired around the world. We will bring world class fútbol to this world class city, once and for all. Fútbol that is as creative, exciting, unique, and multicultural as we are. Fútbol that makes people everywhere wish they could be here.”

Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami