Until the revealing of the logo and name for Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami, myself and others created various concepts.

by KER Degns (Studio K)

In the long ¨winter¨ between the initial excitement of the announcement by David Beckham in 2014 that he had chosen Miami to be the home of his new MLS expansion club, and the official unveiling of the team name and badge in the early morning hours of Wednesday, September 5, 2018, I (and a few others) had tried to envision what our team colours and badge might look like.

It always seemed completey obvious to me that Miami’s new MLS club should have a name in Spanish. If you live here, you’ll likely understand. If you don’t, you’ll have to trust that locals know and understand that the heavily Latin influenced region is what gives Miami it’s liveliness and flavour.

Here are some of the concepts and ideas I had played with:

Atlético Miami

This logo concept was probably the most highly accalimed, receiving much support on social media. The type face is Anastasia, and the sun and sunrays, in addition to being very reflective of Miami, were also a nod to the prior team, the Miami Fusion. The year, 1896, is the year of Miami’s incorporation. The colours were drawn from those of the Fusion with an aqua colour to reflect the beach areas so popular with locals and tourists alike.

1896 – The year Miami was founded would lend a European feel and theme for the club.

Club Atlético Miami

Club de Fútbol Miami

Sport Club Náutico Miami

Another popular concept which I worked on with three other Miami MLS Supporters.

Sport Club Náutico Miami

Náutico Miami: Branding
Video uploaded to YouTube Channel : kerussomundo

I also was one of the people who thought Internacional Miami might be the name of Miami’s new MLS club. This is a design I created in March 2014, one month after David Beckham announced he was going to bring a team to Miami.

Internacional de Miami

Promotional Video from 2018.

2018 MLS Miami Teaser

Concept for Club Internacional de Fútbol Miami – ©️2016 Studio K

Fútbol Club Miami, an early concept I submitted to owners of Miami MLS in 2014.

StudioK Designs, ©️2018

Concept using sculpture found at 311 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach
2018 Logo Concept – Using an art deco inspiration and colours used in teaser videos put out by the team in summer 2018.

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