MLS Roster Rules 2019

2019 Edition

The clubs of Major League Soccer clubs are bound by a complex set of rosters rules. Starting with the basic premise that an MLS club can have up to 30 players on its roster, these rules go on to treat various subjects that have a direct bearing on the composition of the team’s roster as well as budget concerns.

Previous Edition: The rules and regulations of rosters in Major League Soccer 2018 ed (.pdf).

Concepts covered:

  1. Senior Roster
  2. On Budget and Off Budget Players
  3. Supplemental and Reserve Rosters
  4. Domestic and International Players
  5. General Allocated Money
  6. Targeted Allocation Money
  7. Homegrown Players
  8. Generation Adidas Players
  9. Designated Players
  10. Player Acquisition and Disposition Methods
  11. And More

The 2019 edition of the roster rules and regulations follows: