2015-19 MLS-MLSPA Collective Bargaining Agreement

The CBA (available via the links below) expired January 31, 2020, which was extended to February 7, 2020.

The primary responsibility of the Major League Soccer Players’ Association is to negotiate and enforce the Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”). Since the MLSPA’s establishment in 2003, there have been three CBAs entered into. Each has substantially improved the players status as well as the working conditions in the league.

MLSPA Collective Bargaining Agreement – February 1, 2015 Links:

Selected Provisions

Article 11 Travel and Game Tickets

Section 11.1 Mode of Transportation: Team travel greater than two hundred and fifty (250) miles shall be by air on regular commercial carriers, when reasonably practical. The determination of whether a trip exceeds 250 miles shall be measured by the distance between airports of the two cities. When traveling by air on commercial flights, Teams shall use reasonable efforts to fly without connecting flights, and shall make reasonable efforts to ensure that all Player seats on such flights are aisle or window seats. Airline mileage points/awards shall be available to Players for their travel on commercial airlines. There shall be no obligation by MLS and/or a Team to provide chartered air transportation. MLS shall continue its policy of allowing Teams to provide chartered air transportation for four legs of flights per year, and nothing in the CBA shall prohibit MLS, in its sole and absolute discretion, from providing additional chartered air flights. To facilitate international travel including between the United States and Canada, MLS and/or its Teams shall pay for Global Entry and Nexus travel privileges, and their Canadian equivalent if any, for Players.

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