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What is ERTE in Spain?

What you need to know about losing your job during Spain’s coronavirus crisis MIAMI, Fla. (21-April 2020) — During the current coronavirus crisis, many companies are being forced to make employees temporarily redundant, most likely because their businesses couldn’t operate under the lockdown. This obviously applies to many types of businesses beyond football, but since […]

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Why legal complications could spell end of European seasons

MIAMI, Fla. (6 April 2020) — With each passing week, it becomes more and more likely that the European leagues will not be finishing their seasons. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a nightmarish situation across the world, not only in terms of the virus itself, but its effects on the global economy, peoples’ livelihoods, and […]

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Breaking Down The CAS Decision Against Compelling Promotion and Relegation In US

Court of Arbitration For Sport (“CAS”) denies claim brought by Miami FC and Kingston Stockade FC CAS interprets Article 9, rules FIFA never intended the promotion-relegation principle to apply to the U.S. and Australia. MIAMI, Fla. (March 30, 2020) — This year has already seen a couple of interesting legal cases in the football world. […]

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Miami Freedom Park – Ground Lease and MDA

Miami, Fla. (June 6, 2019) – Miami Freedom Park, LLC Submits Draft Agreements to City of Miami, Furthering City of Miami Voter Mandate Miami Freedom Park, LLC submitted a draft lease agreement on June 4 to the City of Miami for its planned destination, incorporating one of the City’s largest public parks, a world-class stadium […]


What is the RSTP, and how do training compensation and solidarity payments fit into it?

Let’s discuss FIFA’s Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (“RSTP”), and the concepts of Training Compensation and Solidarity Payments.