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MLS players vote to accept return-to-play plan

Details on the MLS’ return to play MIAMI, Fla. — (3 June 2020) The MLS Players Association voted on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to approve the latest return-to-play plan negotiated with Major League Soccer. The MLSPA announced Wednesday morning that the vote passed. It also announced that the new collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”) originally agreed […]

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Overview of the New CBA

Major League Soccer and its players’association came to an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Unlike some negotiations, in this case both sides are calling it a win. The MLSPA appeared to get much, though obviously not all, of what it wanted. On the plus side there is more money for the players, and […]

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Issues In 2015 MLS CBA Negotiations: A look back

March 1, 2015 — Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations between the MLSPA and MLS, are underway. Before the 2015 Major League Soccer season can begin, a new collective bargaining agreement was negotiated by the league and the players’ union. Last time the two sides went to the negotiating table, the discussions went down to the final […]